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  • boy featured on MTV’s Liquid Television

    12/4/2012 by dollybreakfast

    MTV’s cult television program from the 90’s is making a comeback in the shape of this website.

    and they are featuring boy


  • boy orchestral version

    1/4/2012 by dollybreakfast

    ariel mann took boy and turned it into a classical piece ; )

    preformed by the revolution orchestra

    (shot on iphone)

  • This is how its done

    22/3/2012 by dollybreakfast

    Watch and learn!

  • maybe a new video

    22/3/2012 by dollybreakfast

    heyyyy, scatching for a new video for ‘HOT’

    donno when it will be ready, but expect something big!

    here a small peek

    coming soooooooon….

  • hey guys whats up!!

    18/3/2012 by dollybreakfast

    its been a while! here are some updates on what we’re doing:

  • top 10 of 2011 by clockwork orchestra

    2/1/2012 by dollybreakfast
  • boy feature on stash magazine

    13/10/2011 by dollybreakfast

    check it out here

    stash shows the craziest animations!!!

  • interview on clockwork orchestra

    15/9/2011 by dollybreakfast

    read it all here

    thank you mango..

  • boy – single shot review on the mouse

    14/9/2011 by dollybreakfast
  • wicked drum solo!!

    by dollybreakfast

    blank you are the best drummer ever!


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Making Salad [EP]

Press a key to play a song:

  1. Blue Ball the Bard
  2. Boy
  3. Blissful Abyss
  4. Summer
  5. Salad
  6. Hot
  7. Winter

Download Making Salad, free!


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Milgrom Jam Station

Play loops. Samples. Mix and create animated music videos. Featuring our augmented-poppish sounds and our beautiful stop motion animations.

Take it for a spin on your iPhone or check out the touring arcade machine!

Available on the Apple AppStore

Touring arcade machine

iPhone app


The Milgrom Jam Station arcade machine is always on tour in bars, clubs, festivals and exhibitions. 3 player musical button-mashing fun, starring ourselves!

Write us if your want to have the arcade machine make an appearance in your venue.

Jam Station tour dates:


Jam Station iPhone Support

We are constantly working on the app and making it better and more fun. Hopefully you won’t have any problems, but if you do, let us know.

Also, your feedback is important to us. Please let us know what you like, what you don’t, and what you want to see in the next version!



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‘Boy’ music video

Directed & animated by Hadar Landsberg & Guy Bloom [Lo-Fi People]
Produced by Giori Politi [Lo-Fi People]

Screenings, blogs, awards and nominations:



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Coming soon...

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